What is Rotational Harvesting?

At Dermikelp®, we use rotational harvesting as part of our manufacturing process to ensure that our skin and haircare products are as nutrient-rich and effective as possible.

We’re passionate about natural skin and haircare, and about taking care of the precious plant and other wildlife in our oceans, striving to protect them for the next generation, and rotational harvesting forms a part of that. But what exactly is this?

Understanding Rotational Harvesting

Rotational harvesting originated as an agricultural practice – it’s a little like crop rotation in that it’s all about making sure too much of one crop is not cultivated at a time to provide the environment around it chance to naturally recover and stay in the best possible position to carry on producing a healthy, nutrient-rich harvest.

Our rotational harvesting method at Dermikelp® involves certified divers picking the ecklonia maxima sea kelp found in our product collection by hand from the lush, fertile waters off the west coast of South Africa.


Recycling as much as possible is another step towards a more eco-friendly life. Most local councils across the UK provide recycling bins, so make sure you’re separating your plastic, cardboard, glass, paper and garden waste from your rubbish.

Be mindful of your food waste too. Make the most of leftovers and try to get into the habit of batch cooking to use up any fresh meat and vegetables you buy to cut down on waste. You could also take this one step further and start a composter, turning vegetable peel and scraps into fertile fuel for your garden.

Upcycling is another form of recycling you might want to try. Instead of simply throwing out old or broken furniture, creating more waste, see if you can fix or reupholster it. You’ll most likely save yourself some money and pick up some new skills along the way too.

Leave the Car at Home

Leaving the car at home in favour of walking, cycling or using public transport can help to dramatically reduce your carbon footprint, enabling you to live a more eco-friendly life.

Driving less often could also help you to fit extra exercise into your routine, meaning you won’t have to spend quite so many evenings in the gym when you could be doing something else with your time.

Establish a Responsible Skin and Haircare Routine

You can be kinder to the environment in every aspect of your life; during your shopping trips, while you’re cooking and when choosing how to get from A to B – but also when it comes to choosing which skin and haircare products you use.

Make sure the ingredients in your products have been sustainably sourced, something you can be assured of with the Dermikelp® collection. The gentle yet powerful sea kelp found in our range has been harvested by hand from off the South African coast to keep it as pure and nutrient-rich as possible.

Using an eco-friendly shampoo, body wash and moisturiser from Dermikelp® can reassure you that you’re being kind to your skin and kind to the environment at the same time. Every time you shower or wash your hair, you can feel good that you’re doing your bit for the planet.

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PP-UK-DERMOI-0011 October 2018