The Science of Dermikelp®: The Magic of

How much thought do you give to the science of what you put onto your skin? Maintaining smooth-looking, hydrated and nourished skin requires a great deal of care, and there needs to be thought behind whatever you’re applying to it.

At Dermikelp®, science is an important aspect of our formula, as our skin and haircare products contain a nutrient-rich sea kelp called ecklonia maxima, which we incorporate into our collection in the form of CEM-K.

What is CEM-K?

CEM-K is a concentrated liquid form of ecklonia maxima, a brown sea kelp that grows in the lush, fertile waters off the west coast of South Africa – it’s packed with natural nutrients and forms the basis of the Dermikelp® collection.

We use our patented cell-burst technology to produce CEM-K from ecklonia maxima, allowing us to control the extraction of rich, skin-nourishing nutrients from kelp, as well as other minerals, such as zinc, which can contribute towards your skin and hair looking and feeling healthy.

The potential of ecklonia maxima for the skin was discovered by Dr Nigel Christie, a British scientist who was studying at the University of Cape Town at the time, where he was completing his PhD in marine biology. After successfully developing kelp-based products for use in agriculture, he discovered that sea kelp could have benefits for skin too.

How are Dermikelp® Products Made?

Our patented cell-burst process is sensitive to the properties of sea kelp; after being harvested by hand from the sea, the kelp is sorted and washed before going through this process, which doesn’t involve any heating, dehydrating or freezing, helping to keep all of those nutrients locked in.

The cell-burst process involves putting the sea kelp under a high level of pressure to compress it into microparticles. When the pressure is released, the particles try to go back to their original size, which causes them to rupture and emit their nutrient-rich contents.

These cell sap eruptions are CEM-K, which we then combine with just a few other ingredients (all of which are paraben-free, have been dermatologically tested and deemed non-irritant) to create the products in the Dermikelp® collection.

CEM-K: Benefits for Your Skin and Hair

CEM-K is rich in iodine and zinc, both of which can have benefits for your skin; iodine is known for its ability to contribute towards a clear skin complexion, while zinc can also help to improve the way that your skin looks and feels.

CEM-K is incredibly nutrient-rich, and the Dermikelp® formula has been dermatologically tested and clinically proven to be sensitive to skin; it’s also non-irritant, making it beautifully kind to your skin.

You’ll find CEM-K in our haircare products too, helping to clean and nourish the hair, while soothing sensitive, dry or itchy scalps as part of a two-step, nutrient-rich hair regime.

Both Dermikelp® starter packs are designed for first-time users and would also make a fantastic gift.

Now that you understand the science of Dermikelp®, you really need to experience the magic of CEM-K for yourself. Shop our collection here.


PP-UK-DERMOI-0018 November 2018

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