What is Rotational Harvesting?
At Dermikelp®, we use rotational harvesting as part of our manufacturing process to ensure that our skin and haircare products are as nutrient-rich and effective as possible.
Discover Sea Kelp Benefits and Uses with Dermikelp®
Kelp has been growing at the bottom of our oceans for millions of years, and its many different benefits and uses have gradually been realised during that time.
Why Sea Kelp Is So Great for Your Hair
What do you do to keep your hair looking and feeling great? Try not to wash it every day? Always leave six weeks between trims? Avoid DIY hair dye kits? Eat the crusts on your sandwiches? Take special vitamins?
Why a Good Skincare Routine Is So Important
Getting into a good daily skincare routine is essential if you want the skin on your face and body to look smooth, refreshed, moisturised, nourished and hydrated, giving you a gorgeous natural glow.
The Science of Dermikelp®: The Magic of CEM-K
How much thought do you give to the science of what you put onto your skin? Maintaining smooth-looking, hydrated and nourished skin requires a careful chemistry, and there needs to be thought behind whatever you’re applying to it too.
How to Live a More Eco-Friendly Life
It’s now more than a year since we were all left appalled by the impact our actions have had on the world’s oceans when those horrifying scenes of plastic waste in the sea aired as part of Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II last autumn.